Every property seller has an estate agent trying to achieve them the highest price. Every buyer SHOULD have an agent helping them pay the LOWEST price!

House hunting is one of the most frustrating and time-consuming processes. When most buyers find the property of their dreams, they get emotionally attached to the property, and this fuels the negotiation. With emotions, and large sums of money on the line, this is a very dangerous combination.

The last thing you want to happen when you find the property of your dreams is to lose out because you couldn't negotiate strongly with the agent, or you end up paying way over the asking price because you were fueled by your emotions. It doesn’t have to be this way.

With our onward negotiation service, you’re the client, not the seller so we help you find the property of your dreams and secure it for you, at the lowest price possible. We go and negotiate with the seller's estate agent. The Seller's agent is trying to get them the best outcome. We are trying to get YOU the best outcome. Our agents are the only Certified Advanced Negotiators in Cardiff.

You know what you want. Get professional help to find it. With our help, we will not only help you secure it, we’ll help you secure it at the lowest price.

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How it Works in Three Simple Steps

  • You find a house you want to buy
  • One of our certified skilled advanced negotiators negotiate you the lowest price (after agreeing the 6 step, 8 day negotiation strategy with you)
  • You live happily every after in your new home

Negotiation is a Skill

Negotiation is a skill and unless you do it every day of your life, you’re unlikely to be very good at it. Throw in the emotion of buying a house and you’re likely to be terrible at it!

There’s ONE goal when entering a negotiation. All parties are content with the outcome at the end of it… that DOESN’T always mean money.

The sellers of the house you want to buy may be divorcing so speed and certainty may be more attractive to them than £5,000 more.

The house may have been on the market for a long time and the sellers are getting increasingly keen to move.

It may have been on the market last year for a lower price and didn’t sell!

May have had a chain collapse and so need to find a new buyer ASAP.

All these things have to be researched and worked into the ‘6 step negotiation strategy’, something we will develop with you.

Fees - Fair and Transparent…

The fees for the onward negotiation to represent you as a buyer are very simple. You ONLY pay a fee IF we negotiate you a saving (giving you complete peace of mind).

When we do negotiate a saving, you pay us 30% (inc VAT) of the saving off the asking price at the point you exchange contracts on the property. This means you also have us as your trusted advisor holding your hand and advising all the way through the transaction.

Simple. Fair. Honest

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