I carry out many check-outs every week and as you know your check out will have a lot of input in determining what deductions will be taken out of your bond in regards to how you have left your rental property. Most of the time I see you losing money over things that are simple fixes and you can do yourself with ease. It is always important to put time to the side to ensure these jobs are done before you move.

 I’ve decided to compile a list with 6 of my Top Tips to help you.

  1. Cleaning

You must ensure that the property is in the same condition as when you moved in. This includes cleaning the inside of the washing machine drawer, drum and seal. Inside the microwave. Under the bed.

  1. Damages

Fill any holes that you’ve made if they were not previously there. If you did not get permission to redecorate you must return the property to the original colours as when you moved in, or as close as possible. Fix anything that you have broken. Light bulbs, if they are out, replace them!

  1. Turn off any electrical appliances

Defrost the freezer and make sure you turn both that and the fridge off and leave the doors open. Turn off the cooker at the main switch.

  1. Missing Items

Make sure you replace any items that were originally in the property with a like for like alternative if you have lost/broken/binned them. You must always leave the property with every item you moved in to.

If you are in a furnished property it’s a good idea to return the furniture to their original location as not to confuse your agent and get a possible charge for the replacement item.

  1. Items to be removed

If it wasn’t there when you moved in – don’t leave it! This includes rubbish.

  1. Keys

Make sure you return all the keys including any spares you have had cut yourself.


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