>Should I have a 'FOR SALE' board when Selling?

I get asked this question all the time when valuing clients properties in Cardiff.

So many of my clients that I visit are really unsure if they should have a ‘For Sale’ board when they decide to sell their property.

There are many advantages to having a ‘For Sale’ board put up. If you decide to put your home on the market then you will generally find it easier to sell with a board for the following reasons:

Buyers expect a house that is for sale to have a For Sale board outside it. A board sends a very positive message to buyers by confirming that the seller is committed.

A board helps buyers to locate and identify the property when they come to view, making their experience an immediately positive one.

The neighbours will know that the property is on sale very quickly via the internet anyway so not having a board won’t stop them finding out. It’s best to simply tell them yourself than let them find out the hard way.

And lets not forget, many buyers go on a Sunday afternoon drive searching for ‘For Sale’ boards in their preferred locations.

Even if you live in a no through road, a board can alert potential buyers to your property. For example, friends or relatives visiting one of your neighbours.

So if you’re selling your house, the message is simple. Get a ‘For Sale’ board mounted outside the front of the property and increase your exposure to potential buyers. You’ll be moving in no time.


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