• The property and your contents should be adequately insured, both while the property is empty and while it is let.
  • Your insurers must be told that the property will be let, or you could risk invalidating your cover.


  • Security systems, including locks on windows and external doors, lights, and even full-alarm systems, are valuable additions.
  • They are also taken into consideration by all the leading insurance companies when calculating premiums.

Decorations and Carpets

  • Choose fresh and neutral colours and styles.
  • Letting a well-presented property could mean the tenants treat it with more respect.

Furnished or Unfurnished?

  • Demand is highest for properties that are unfurnished, which traditionally includes carpets, curtains and a cooker.
  • An unfurnished property has the advantage, from the landlord’s perspective, of avoiding the need for additional maintenance/replacement and for annual testing of electrical appliances.
  • Tenants would expect furnished properties to be fitted with everything they need for daily life.
  • Whether you choose to let your property furnished or unfurnished, it's still a good idea to have an inventory carried out on your property, as this documents the condition of everything from carpets to sofas.

Domestic Appliances

  • These should also be of good quality and condition. They are subject to regular servicing, which you will be responsible for.
  • Leave instructions on the premises to help the tenant.
  • Gas and electrical appliances must meet legal safety requirements and oil appliances should be tested annually.


  • Let the property in a clean condition.
  • Professionally cleaning the property throughout, including all carpets, is part of establishing a benchmark that will be recorded in the Inventory and Schedule of Condition.


  • Ensure the exterior is in good seasonal order when it is let.
  • This will set a standard for the tenants, who will be responsible for maintaining the garden.
  • If the garden is particularly large or is a little complicated to maintain, it may be appropriate for you to retain responsibility for maintenance.
  • If this is the case, the cost will be reflected in the rent.

Gas, Electricity and Water

  • These services should be left connected for the tenant. The services will need to be transferred into their name.
  • Under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System, tenants must be able to control and regulate heating systems.


  • It’s a good idea to have at least three complete sets of keys.
  • It is sensible to give the tenant two sets so that they have a spare, supply one for the letting agent and keep one set for yourself.


  • If a telephone line is already installed at the property, instruct the provider to put a temporary stop on the line when you vacate, and send you a closing account, then you won't be charged for any potential telephone fees.

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